"Healing" An interview with Dr. Walid

When and how did this project occur to you?

This project occurred to me more than three years ago when I heard Sami Yusuf’s song about the mother and the other song about the prophet “Al-Muallem”, I felt there’s a need for a song that has to do with healing in a more comprehensive meaning as nowadays the right song and music have a profound effect, unfortunately we are not utilizing this tool effectively to help humanity do better on Earth. I felt that people in the healthcare industry are focusing on treatment more than healing in its holistic meaning. However, this song is not dedicated to healthcare providers, its objective to revive the need and urge to heal in all humanity. Each one of us could be a healer today.  A simple act of kindness, a kind word or a smile could be acts of healing. This vision was shared with Sami Yusuf and found an echo in his heart, and today we see the fruits of that idea in such a beautiful song that Sami thrilled us with.

How does this project contribute to the IMC’s vision?

Sami Yusuf is an artist with a mission and vision that is very much aligned with the IMC’s mission and vision. Our vision “to pioneer a unique approach of healing the body, mind and soul by applying the best global healthcare standards and pursuing divine ethics.” And our vision in being able to apply the holistic approach of the word “healing” to every aspect of our relations with others. IMC is committed to embracing and promoting values of such to the community as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

How did you contribute to this initiative?

We worked together on the lyrics.  I believe people don’t choose words… words choose them. Once they have a vision, it becomes part of their lives. These words come from our beliefs and values so they speak up what we believe and feel. It is a reflection of our inner beliefs and values.

What was the cost of the video produced?

I believe that nothing is more precious than creating something “timeless” and to touch the hearts of people through a meaningful and impacting project. Whatever expended is an investment in the right place.

Will there be future similar projects with other singers?

I will work in partnership with Sami Yusuf for future similar projects. Sami has very clear vision and mission that is well aligned with the mission and vision we strive to achieve in our lives.