"Healing" Sami Yusuf & IMC ...

Lulwa Shalhoub, Jeddah

British Muslim singer, song-writer Sami Yusuf released his new single “Healing” today (Wednesday) in cooperation with the International Medical Center (IMC, www.imc.med.sa).

The song was shot over the last week in Jeddah at the IMC’s building and other venues in the city that lie on the Red Sea.

Four years ago, the song was just an idea that occurred to Dr. Walid Fitaihi, founder and CEO of the IMC. Sami was on a visit to Jeddah when he met Dr. Fitaihi and visited the IMC. “He gave one of his inspirational talks and presentations. I was really moved,” Sami said.

Dr. Fitaihi was inspired by Sami Yusuf's song about the mother and an older song about Prophet Muhammed called "Al-Muallem" (the teacher). "I felt there is a need for a song that delivers the concept of healing in a more comprehensive meaning." He felt that most people in healthcare industry focus on physical treatment rather than healing in its holistic approach. "Everyone has the power of healing. A kind word or a smile could be healing. "This vision was shared with Sami Yusuf and it found an echo in this heart," Dr. Fitaihi said.

According to him, Sami Yusuf's vision is very much aligned with the IMC's mission "to pioneer a unique approach of healing the body, mind and soul by applying the best global healthcare standards and pursuing divine ethics". IMC is committed to embracing and promoting values of such to the community as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

In late 2009 and through 2010, Dr. Walid gave another talk explaining IMC’s philosophy in corporate social responsibility. “His concern was not about a brand or a singer; it was about a view he believed in. The whole healing concept and the title of the song heal and you will be healed moved me,” Sami said.

Lyrics of the song include a line that says: “A smile can change a life let’s start believing”. “I believe this is so true," Sami said.

“We brainstormed together and came up with the lyrics and melody but then I went home. I sat by the piano and one day the melody came and the lyrics came. I used a lot of Dr. Walid’s lyrics. It was a collective effort. Everyone worked together to make this project special,” he added.

“We worked together on the lyrics.  I believe people don’t choose words… words choose them. Once they have a vision, it becomes part of their lives. These words come from our beliefs and values so they speak of what we believe and feel. It is a reflection of our inner beliefs and values.” Dr. Fitaihi said.

Sami worked with the Danish director Jacob Kusk, who directed the photography of a number of films and videos including the documentary “Deliver us From Evil” USA that was nominated for an Oscar in 2007. Kusk previously directed Sami's music video “You Came to Me.”

This song will be released as a single. It could be downloaded online for free. “This song and this concept are not for sale. I am very grateful for Dr. Walid to be involved in such a project. It is a timeless charity project that is international and for everyone. I consider it as “sadaqa jaria” (ongoing charity),” Sami said.

Dr. Fitaihi said that he would be working with Sami Yusuf for future similar projects. “Sami has very clear vision and mission that goes with that of our own.”

"This was really one of the best things I have ever done. It took a long time to accomplish this project but we finally did it and I am really honored that I took part in this," Sami said.

The song is now available online at Sami Yusuf's official website "http://www.samiyusufofficial.com/healing" and the video will be shown on mainstream TV channels, such as MBC, Melody, Mazzika & others.