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What are you looking forward to this Ramadan? #ShareAMeal #Ramadan #WFP

الناصرة تستضيف المنشد البريطاني العالمي سامي يوسف

Over 100 thousands people in sami yusuf's concert in Palestine 😭💙💙💙. Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

@SYOfficial @SamiYusuf That was so fun Sami thank you so much you're amaaazing I hope you saw me I was freaking out in the front Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

Truly it was an amazing night😄i felt like i were there, i really enjoyed that lovely & beautiful moments u'r always amazing dear @SamiYusuf Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

@SamiYusuf @SYOfficial really really really you are AMAZING Sami ... Thank you very much ... and we in Palestine love you. Thank you again Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

MashaAllah Over 100 thousands people in sami yusuf's concert , you're the best, God bless you My brother @SamiYusuf Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

Thank you so much for making our Palestinian brothers & sisters happy tonight ♥ and making us happy too for watching it live ♥ @SamiYusuf Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

@SamiYusuf It was one of the greatest nights ever...thank You so much for making my dream come true! I hope to see you soon again! ♡ :) Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

@SamiYusuf you were amazing mA:-) thank you for the best concert ever in #Nazareth! It was shining with your voice of love. Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

@SamiYusuf thank you Sami for gracing us , I was singing with you in the huge crowd! You were shining :-)Thank you for honouring us. Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

You were Amazing tonight 😃 The concert was full of Spiritique 😍😍 always you are the best Allah bless you forever @SamiYusuf ❤️❤️❤️ Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

God bless U @SamiYusuf! It was unforgettable Night.. Thank u for being such an amazing artist❤️ #Nazareth #Palestine Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

Mashaa Allah Over100,000 person in @SamiYusuf Concert since a view minutes in Palestine,,Sam U was Awesome 👏👍👍👍 Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

@SamiYusuf It was a great performance in #Palestine ♥ Waiting for another great one in #Egypt ♥ :) Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

In @SamiYusuf concert in Nazareth Palestine.. Best day ever .. We love you so much ❤🌹🌹 @SYOfficial Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

100000 people in @SamiYusuf concert including both Christians and Muslims... Subhan Allah now that's superb!! @SamiYusuf Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

@SamiYusuf It was great to see your performance in Nazareth .. You gave us hope and joy . May god bless you 🌹 Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

Sami yusuf concert in palestine woooow perfect Maşallah 👍👍👌👌 @SamiYusuf @SYOfficial Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

من أجمل أيام عمري.. سامي يوسف إنسان خلوق ,متواضع وصاحب ابتسامة رائعة 🌹 @SamiYusuf @SYOfficial #SamiYusuf Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

@SamiYusuf you were AMAZING😍😍😍😍 Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

من حفل @SamiYusuf امبارح في الناصرة ! كان شي مذهل ❤️ Thank you for such an amazing concert! #سامي_يوسف Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

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Sami Yusuf’s first Musical Performance in Nazareth, Palestine.

July 4th, 2015

Sami Yusuf’s first Musical Performance in Nazareth, Palestine. Sharjah, United Arab Emirates – July 3, 2015 – “Nazarenes…a part of me and an extension of my own soul. It’s a great honor to finally set foot on this blessed land…


Watch “La illaha il Allah” (“AUTUMN”) Music Video Now!

June 26th, 2015

Enjoy Ramadan with the sacred music of “La illaha il Allah” (“AUTUMN“), Sami Yusuf’s NEW single from the brand new album “Songs of the Way”

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 3.36.19 PM

Sami Yusuf’s “The Centre” World Tour continues in Europe!

May 9th, 2015

After an unforgettable and awe-inspiring 8 city Sold-Out tour, “The Centre” World Tour continues in Europe! Make sure to purchase your tickets to enjoy the amazingly spiritual and exhilarating musical performances…


“Live at the Katara Amphitheater“ Out now!

April 25th, 2015

We are delighted to announce the release of Sami Yusuf’s live album “Live at the Katara Amphitheatre”. Listen to the samples from this album.
Purchase the digital download album on SYO shop


Watch amazing trailer of new film “1001 Inventions and the World of Ibn Al Haytham”

March 22nd, 2015

Sami Yusuf is composing the music for an exciting new short film releasing later this year on 11th century scientist Ibn Al-Haytham. From producer Ahmed Salim, actors Omar Sharif and Khalid Abdalla.

Sami Yusuf Lament

Watch “Lament” Music Video Now!

March 20th, 2015

We are delighted to announce the release of the new music video “Lament” from Sami Yusuf’s new album “The Centre”. Lament is a new composition by Sami Yusuf using the words of famous Andalusian mystic Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi.


Sami Yusuf 2015 UK Tour

March 8th, 2015

Sami Yusuf returns on tour to the UK for the first time since 2008, where he will perform famous hits and songs from his new album – ‘The Centre’ as well as some well-known classics. See all dates

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