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"Saçın ucun hörməzlər Gülü sulu dərməzlər Sarı Gəlin Saçın ucun hörməzlər Gülü qönçə dərməzlər Sarı Gəlin"...

Sami Yusuf's latest album, #TheCentre, is available on iTunes, Amazon. Make sure you order your own copy now!...

over 311,000 in less than a week! Keep watching and spreading! Sami Yusuf - Sari Gelin: #SYTheCentre #spiritique Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

"He who is swimming against the stream comes to the Source" quote from "Prophet's Way" by @Thom_Hartmann. Beautiful. _sy.

"Here is the Centre that is the Centre of all wheres, Now is the moment at the heart of all times"...


BBC World Service Documentary on Sami Yusuf

June 20th, 2010


Are you a big Sami fan? Do you want to contribute to a BBC World Service documentary about Sami?  Wherever you are in the world, this is your opportunity to put your questions to Sami and share your experience with other fans. Just get in touch before the 15th of June at

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