Thank you all so much for the incredible feedback on 'Mast Qalandar'. It was an honour for me to be connected...

Happy to have collaborated once again with @SamiYusuf on chart-topping hit "Mast Qalandar" I hope you like it.… Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

@SamiYusuf OMG! It's crazy! I can't stop watching this incredible music video, A NEW MASTERPIECE!😍 #Mast_Qalandar Retweeted by Sami Yusuf eally really i like the new video clip of #SamiYusuf #MastQalandar, it’s amaziiing 😍👍 Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

@SamiYusuf just heard #mastqalandar and its amazing! I can't stop listening to it. 😍😍 Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

@SamiYusuf #MastQalandar is just hypnotizing! May you & your works always be blessed with God's constant flow of Barakah iA #SYBarakahDeluxe Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

@SamiYusuf @YouTube I listened to the song many times. Very beautiful . Amazing . thank you for this creativity Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

Worthy tribute to a Pakistani icon… Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

Literally can,t stop to watch it: totally Mesmerizing@SamiYusuf👌 Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

@SamiYusuf Mast Qalandar is truly a a masterpiece!!! And your voice and music is awe inspiringly beautiful!!! Well done mA!!! Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

Worth watching this version of Mast Mast by Sami Yusuf – Mast Qalandar via @YouTube Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

LOVE! Beautiful scenery, combined with sacred music, augments the ecstacy of our spirits! Sami Yusuf – Mast Qalandar… Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

MashaAllah I love the video so much ❤😍😍 This truely a masterpiece 👌 @SamiYusuf #MastQalander #Tradition #Sufisim 🌷 Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

Absolutely Amazing! No one has ever performed Qawwali in desert and @SamiYusuf in kurta ;) #MastQalandar… Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

It's absolutely stunning 💚💚👌🏻👌🏻as usual...@SamiYusuf… Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

@SamiYusuf OMG!!! Just spectacular @SamiYusuf You never cease to amaze us with your extraordinary music☺️#Spiritique Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

I can't stop singing with him ❤🙊 Just amazing music video 💚😄 @SamiYusuf #MastQalandar #Tradition #Sufisim 🌹 Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

Special Thx to the late Ustad Nusrat who popularized this legendary piece from the vast corpus of Sacred music. May his soul RIP. _sy.

Amazing! 👌👌💕… Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

#SamiYusuf sang 'Mast Qalandar' amazingly. 🎼🎤… Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

@SamiYusuf @YouTube #mastQalandar amazing Absolutely amazing mA.😍 always be successful all the best always and forever Sami Yusuf ❤👍 Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

@SamiYusuf Masha'ALLAH mash'ALLAH :) just kill me ... it's really amazing, I adore it :) you are great .. OMG :D I lost words Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

@SamiYusuf this music video is beyond special. Not like all others. This is something exceptional. I'm speechless ❤💜 Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

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“Palestine Forever”

June 3rd, 2010

A small gift I released back in 2008. It’s so tragic to see crimes against humanity being committed whilst the International community remains ‘silent’. “Don’t they know that God is with the oppressed and needy? Perished were the nations that ruled through tyranny. Palestine, Forever “

Palestine, None of us should remain silent. We should all try to do what we can… Spread the news and join others in the mission to bring justice. We are One Body, and no human being should remain silent nor indifferent to such cruelty and madness. Watch this video and see how people have remained strong, defiant and are even preparing the next ship to go out very soon! All the ‘power-showing’, F-15’s and F-16’s and the cruelest techniques proved counter-productive in the end. God Bless you all. S

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