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Listen to Khorasan (Arabic Version) [BONUS TRACK] from "The Centre" album:...

Mothers across #Ebola-hit #WestAfrica are trying to protect their kids. Oritha is one of them… Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

With the Maestro himself! Ustadh Babak Radmanesh's new album "Dela" (featuring Sami Yusuf) to come out soon!

"You said: Walk to me and I'll run to you Call me and I'll show you Hiding like a Pearl for you To heal and guide...

"And like a rose, Turning in to thorns My love was taken, Back to the light above What can I do, my love? Child...

One of my personal favourites: "LAMENT" (words taken from the Diwan of the great Muslim mystic, sage and saint...

سامى يوسف يغنى لسيدى محى الدين بن عربى :)) Retweeted by Sami Yusuf


This New Chapter will aim to build…

July 9th, 2010

Same Time, Same Love is a weekly gathering of Sami Yusuf and his supporters, where they discuss the latest news and developments!


1) New Chapter

We will be starting a “New Chapter” in our upcoming album Wherever You Are.
This New Chapter will aim to build a bridge of communication and cement that vacant spot of spirituality and Universal values that Islam also appreciates with our fellow brothers and sisters in humanity in the West and elsewhere. That is the Goal.

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