LIVE on #Periscope: Sami Yusuf being interviewed for National TV in Nazereth #SamiYusuf…

الفنان العالمي سامي يوسف @SamiYusuf مع حفيدة رئيس بلدية الناصرة 😊 Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

@SamiYusuf The concert tomorrow in #Nazareth will be attended by 100.000 Muslim and Christian brothers and sisters! How amazing! Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

"I miss my home, where I lived all my life" says Sagheer. This #Ramadan, share a meal! #Yemen Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

Now in beautiful Nazareth. Such an honour to be the first International artist to be be performing in this sacred...

About to board my flight to a surprise visit. Any thoughts where I am heading? I'll try to periscope my visit....

Blessed Friday! Enjoy the third Friday of Ramadan with the sacred music of لا إله إلا الله ("Autumn") from the...

سامي يوسف: الإسلام والحداثة #hespress Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

يارباه أتيتك لا إله غيرك من لي سواك أتيت اليك فأقبلني يا الله يارحمن فاقبلني يا الله My lord, I have come to you,...

Sami Yusuf - Autumn | لا اله إلا الله #spiritique

#Repost @samiyusufofficial ・・・ Making of "Autumn" (لا اله الا الله) music video

@SamiYusuf @SYOfficial Leading us back to our old tradition is the right way to make our brillant future ! GOD bless you brother @SamiYusuf Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

"I can't listen to modern music, to modern "Islamic" music" -- @SamiYusuf… #tradition #spiritique Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

@SamiYusuf Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed by something, we remain silent.The beauty & grace of Autumn put me in this state for days now. Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

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Sami Yusuf Signs Five-Album Record Agreement with ETM International

August 3rd, 2010

Sami Yusuf Signs Five...

Sami Yusuf has signed a five-album deal with ETM International, giving ETM full rights over all Sami Yusuf records. Read the latest press release on a wide range of Middle Eastern print media.

“By signing this agreement, I state that ETM International is the only company that owns the rights to my music and have administrative control over my publishing – both physically and digitally”, Sami Yusuf has said.

Follow Up:

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