Only 5 days to go till the release of '#Glorification'. Pre-order now and don't forget to rate & review:……

Only 5 days to go till the release of 'Glorification'. Pre-order now and don't forget to rate & review:...

Stream "Ya Rasul Allah" from the upcoming album 'Live in London 2016' by @samiyusuf on #Spotify or #AppleMusic now.……

Stream "Ya Rasul Allah" from the upcoming album 'Live in London 2016' by @samiyusuf on #Spotify or #AppleMusic...

God bless those firefighters, true angels, who sacrificed themselves to save everyone else. _sy. #Plasco #service…

May God’s blessings be upon Taha the best of creation. _sy. Malīḥun lawnuhū** Kahīlun ṭarfuhū Jamīlun na‘tuhū...

So happy to be performing at the unique Heydar Aliyev Center in my beautiful city of Baku, AZERBAIJAN on 22nd...

World Interfaith Harmony Week is almost here! Make sure to register your event! Watch the world's first ever...

#FACT: Conflict has pushed 56million+ people into crisis or emergency levels of food insecurity:…… Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

Listening to the mystical beauty #SamiYusuf#Glorification Excited...Thrilled... about this single Release DATE 27…… Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

A hungry world will never be a healthy world. A recipe towards reaching #ZeroHunger by 2030. #HealthyNotHungry Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

"We must not let 2017 repeat the tragedies of 2016 for #Syria" -- @UN agencies on access, #aid and the future:…… Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

'You taught the scale above the sword, Your justice is all men’s right.' Pre-order now… #Glorification #SamiYusuf

A truly beautiful performance. God bless this group (all from one single family) for keeping our heritage alive....

Musically speaking, this piece is a marriage between East and West. The composition incorporates traditional...

سبحت باسمك المجيد السماء وتسامت باسمك الأسماء يا عظيماً يا حليماً وفرداً من عطاياك دامت الآلاء The high heavens...

ننعى اليوم بكل فخر شهداء العمل الانساني الإماراتي في جمهورية أفغانستان، خمسة شهداء ختموا حياتهم وهم يسعون لخدمة الض…… Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

شعب الامارات فخور بأبنائه العاملين في المجال الإنساني ويرفع رأسه اليوم لتقديمه شهداء في سبيل الانسانية ..الانسانية…… Retweeted by Sami Yusuf

Pre-order #Glorification on iTunes composed by #SamiYusuf with words taken from @HHShkMohd ’s beautiful poetry.……

'Glorification' is a special song composed by Sami Yusuf with words taken from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin...

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Sony Music Malaysia releases Sami Yusuf’s third album ‘Wherever You Are’

March 13th, 2012


The album, under exclusive license to Sony Music Malaysia has been released in Malaysia today. The album is now available in all music retail outlets. Kindly refer to the press release for further information.

KUALA LUMPUR, March 13, 2012: His songs are known for their ability to evoke powerful emotions amongst his listeners and his message of peace and tolerance has a lasting impact upon millions of his admirers.

The internationally renowned singer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and UN Celebrity Partner for World Food Program, Sami Yusuf has released his latest album entitled, ‘Wherever You Are’ in Malaysia through Sony Music.

Centering on the theme of hope, loss and betrayal, the songs in ‘Wherever You Are’ invoke the inherent good that lies within every heart. The album presents a further evolution of his self-coined genre, ‘Spiritique’. Sami defines Spiritique as “music that infuses oriental and occidental harmonics, underpinned with the essence of spirituality that celebrates not only every person’s individual spirit but also the collective spirit of mankind”.

The album, under exclusive license to Sony Music Malaysia was recorded in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Egypt, New York and the United Arab Emirates. Compared to his first two albums, the songs in ‘Wherever You Are’ were written, composed and recorded mostly in English in order to expand the album’s outreach.

‘Wherever You Are’ is the third official album released by Sami, following a collective 10 million sales of his previous two albums – ‘Al-Mu`allim’ (2003) and ‘My Ummah’ (2005). ‘Wherever You Are’ comprises of 11 songs, composed and produced by Sami himself. He had also penned the lyrics of eight songs for the album.

‘Wherever You Are’ gave Sami the opportunity to collaborate with a number of icons in the music world. The iconic rock legend, Ian Brown has penned the lyrics for ‘Give The Young A Chance’, a song about faith and hope for the younger generation. ‘In Every Tear, He Is There,’ and ‘Without You’ were written by UK singer-songwriter and producer Conner Reeves, who has worked with renowned artists such as Rod Stewart, Tina Turner and Joss Stone. ‘Wherever You Are’ also features the work of Turkish mega-star, Sezen Aksu, who wrote the lyrics for ‘Without You’. The album also features the South African choir, best known for their hauntingly hypnotic Oscar-winning performance for the soundtrack of Disney’s ‘The Lion King’.

The songs in ‘Wherever You Are’ are:

1) Wherever You Are
2) Salaam
3) Without You
4) You Came To Me
5) Give the Young a Chance
6) Trials of Life
7) Worry Ends
8- Fragile World
9) In Every Tear, He Is There
10) Make Me Strong
11) No Word Is Worthy

‘Wherever You Are’ is available in all music retail outlets.
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Nabila Khan – Tel: +971 (0) 4 3132061/



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