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Here are a set of Frequently Asked Questions* pertaining to the SamiYusufOfficial website. Please read before contacting the SYO administrator.

Q: I’m lost. Where can I find the latest news on Sami Yusuf?
You can begin by browsing through the Homepage, i.e. the opening page of the site and the main source for updated information. There’s also the SY Daily which is found on the same page and contains relevant links.
Q: Aside from SYO, where else can I connect with Sami Yusuf?
Youtube Channels: samiyusuf & samiyusufchannel** All material(s) included therein will soon be transferred from samiyusufchannel to samiyusuf. Subscribe and spread the word!
Q: Can I PLEASE get Sami Yusuf’s email address? I promise I won’t spam him
Due to private and obvious reasons, Sami Yusuf’s email address cannot be disclosed. Listed, however, are the various ways once can reach him:

  • Private Messaging on SYcafé
  • Guestbook
  • Visitor Messages on Sami Yusuf’s SYcafé profile wall

    Q: “La la la…It’s so hard to explain…” I can’t get “Healing” out my head! How can I download it?
    “Healing” is an exclusive Ramadan gift from Sami Yusuf — available for free download. Make sure to visit the exclusive “Healing” page to get inside info on the project, pay a visit to the photo gallery, and read the selected press and interviews that further highlight the importance of this initiative: HealingDownload “Healing” by following these simple steps.

    1. Fill in Name
    2. Fill in Email Address
    3. Press “Send”

    An email will be sent to the submitted email address with 2 exclusive download links (e.g. “URL” and “Click Here”), of which you may use either, but keep in mind the links expire after a single download.

    Heal and you will be healed!

    Q: I heard Sami Yusuf appealed for urgent action for the Pakistani flood victims. How can I donate and contribute?
    Sami Yusuf recently released “Hear Your Call”, a charity single appealing for immediate assistance to the relief effort taking place in Pakistan’s disaster-stricken areas. Donate by purchasing “Hear Your Call” from the SYshop or any of the sites cited here. You can donate extra by stating your desired, charitable amount in the donation box. All profits will be donated to the UN-sponsored charity organization “Save the Children”, in an effort to alleviate the suffering of millions of displaced Pakistanis. Follow the step by step procedure on how to purchase this single either on the SYcafé forum or on the SY Daily archives.
    Q: SYO so good. But my English, not so good. What I can do?!
    No worries! SYO is available in five locales from which any Sami Yusuf supporter can benefit:English (main)
    Farsi (persian)
    FrenchPlus, our Administrators at SYO will make every attempt necessary to communicate with you and help you to better understand the content included in our site. Continue reading below to find out how :)
    Q: Just got a raise at work. How can I purchase the “New Arrivals”?
    You will need purchase any such item(s) from the Shop by either registering on Paypal or paying directly by 2checkout. Read here for detailed directions. Digital merchandise(s) will be instantly downloadable via a download link that’s emailed with an invoice.
    Q: “SYclopedia”, is it a tongue twister?
    As the name itself suggests, it is an ency”clopedia” on Sami Yusuf (i.e. “SY”). In other words, the number one source for retrieving information on Sami Yusuf.Before submitting any question you may find it time-efficient to type in key words in the Search box located at the bottom right hand of the page, or browse through the chronological archives or topic-related categories to find questions similar to yours. Topic-related categories include but will not necessarily be limited to:

  • Music
  • Video
  • Album
  • Biography
  • Concert
  • SYclopedia
  • SamiYusufOfficial
  • Supporters
  • Wherever You Are
  • Ask SYclopedia anything you wish by clicking on the “Submit a Question” button. Next, fill in the required fields and click “Submit”, and remember patience is a virtue.

    Q: 1987, 1989, 1990…Timeline Reminds Me of History Class and My Failing Grades. Help! What’s it about?
    Unfortunately, we can’t do much to help improve your grades but much to your surprise, the Timeline is being constantly updated with a whole range of new items as Sami Yusuf journeys ahead in time: be it his major milestones, latest music video, concert flyer, photos, or press releases. The Timeline is a unique exposition of Sami Yusuf’s lifetime and professional career. Visitors are invited to glide through the years, and regularly revisit for updates.
    Q: I love my daily, brewed cup of coffee. How can I register in the SYcafé?
    SYcafé does not so much promote caffeine intake, as it appreciates casual and comfortable communication. You must register as a member to take advantage of any feature(s) and/or function(s) of the SYcafé forum. Membership provides you with a fixed, distinguishable identity on the panel.
    Registration in the SYcafé is free of charge (unless otherwise specified), and offers an extended range of technical features, which include but are not limited to:

  • Posting new threads
  • Replying directly and quickly to threads
  • Editing posts
  • Receiving PM and/or a reply email notification once a thread has been subscribed to
  • Sending and receiving Private Messages to and from other registered members
  • A community that includes creation of photo albums and friendship groups
  • Individual walls where members can write Visitor Messages
  • Adding events (e.g. birthdays) to the forum calendar
  • Selection of mood (e.g. Aggressive, Inspired, Lurking)
  • Creation of a contact list of approved friends
  • Begin registering by clicking on the Register tab appearing on the right-hand corner of the SYcafé page. You will be asked to enter fill in the user name, password, email address, and About Me boxes. There will also be extra fields to which you are invited, but not obliged, to respond. Once the registration form is complete, you must then tick the box agreeing to have read and accepted the terms of SamiYusufOfficial Forum rules and regulations. Once complete, you will either receive an email containing an activation link or you will be directly registered.
    Note: Your email address is automatically protected from spam; you have the option of hiding or making publicly viewable your email address.

    If registered as a preteen (under the age of 13), the forum administration may require parental permission for membership. Further information will be made available during the registration process.

    Q: I’ve tried everything from avoiding to hiding. How can I block posts, emails and messages from specific users?
    If there are particular members that you wish to avoid, you may add them to your “Ignore List”. In order to so, enter User CP, Settings & Options, and click on Edit Ignore List. Then, type in the name into the box and click Okay.OR you may contact board staff via:- Enquiries/Feedback section on the forum
    – Private Messaging
    Contact Form
    – Contact the specific language forum emails:

  • Q: What is “Archives”? I’m sure I entered SYO, not the library
    “Archives” is a section of the SYcafé forum. Archives is a data base containing records of Sami Yusuf’s dated projects, amalgamation of materials such as video’s, press releases, interviews and professional work.
    Q: What’s the “Display Room”? Sounds artsy and comfy
    The Display Room is an avenue dedicated to exploring and exposing your creativity by displaying original artworks of any kind ranging from an abstract sketch, a scribbled note, old-age photos, documentaries, or a fine-tuned song. Everyone is invited to celebrate and appreciate art here!
    However, you must follow the rules and requirements:
    To participate, click on the “Add Your Artwork” button by filling in all the required fields which include:

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Country
  • Website (optional)
  • Title
  • Ticking the Terms and Conditions Agreement box
  • As shown on the right hand side, artworks can only be sent in Image or Video format, with each category entailing its own set of rules, which once violated will lead to automatic elimination of the participant’s artwork. Categories include:

  • Submit Images
  • 800 width x 600 length
  • Jpeg format
  • 72 pixel resolution
  • Standard quality and focused
  • Submit Videos
  • Upload video on Youtube
  • Must be embeddable and publicly viewable
  • Copy and Paste URL
    • Submit Audios
    • All audio files must be uploaded as videos on Youtube, displaying the mandatory credentials as the background image.

    Carefully read the Terms & Conditions prior to ticking the Agreement box, and send away!

    Slide through the Display Room and witness its superb array of artworks by clicking on “Enter Display Room” button.

    Q: I checked my mail box in the morning and I haven’t received any SYposts. Do you have my correct postal address?
    SYO doesn’t exactly mail SYposts to subscriber’s postal addresses, rather their email addresses. SYpost is a newsletter containing the latest information and updates pertaining to Sami Yusuf and the site at large, which is delivered straight to your electronic mail box. You can check our SYpost archives.
    Q: Oh right… so exactly how can I subscribe to the ELECTRONIC SYpost?
    Interested visitors must subscribe to SYpost by filling in all the required fields, consisting of a name and email address via Home or SYpost pages. Click submit, and check your submitted email address for a subscription confirmation.
    Q: How can I participate in the SYO art competition? I passionately want the artist in me to shine!
    Our first SYO art competition deadline has been reached. Check SYO Competition page regularly for the latest announcements on any upcoming art competitions. Stay tuned!
    Q: The Silatech logo’s following me on every page! Is it hinting at anything?
    That’s Silatech simply encouraging you to visit their bold, new initiative which engages the public, private and civil society sectors to promote large-scale job creation, entrepreneurship and access to capital and markets for young people. Their ambassadors are comprised of respected personalities and leaders who will champion the mission and activities of the center. Sami Yusuf has been selected as First Global Ambassador for Silatech.Click on the logo and you will be re-directed to Silatech.
    Q: I just saw something really creepy on SYO and fear I might have nightmares. How can I report it?
    You will find Report links and/or icon in a multitude of places throughout the board. You may alert the SYO Team to anything which you find to be offensive, objectionable or illegal through the Contact Form. On SYcafé, you may directly contact the forum Administrators or Moderators by clicking the Reportlink located on the bottom of the page.Visitor Messages can be edited and/or deleted by both Moderators/Administrators and the member who owns the profile.If you see a forum post or a Visitor Message that fails to comply with the SYcafé guidelines, you may alert the moderators/Administrators by clicking on the Report icon. Click on the Report icon found throughout the forum, located at the bottom left of each post/thread on the tools bar.
    Upon clicking, you are directed to the report page where you must insert the reasons as to why you are reporting. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising messages, and provocative (inducing hostility,violence, discrimination, etc.) posts. Finally, click send.
    Q: I’ve read all the FAQs and essentially wasted 20 valuable minutes of my lifespan, but didn’t find the answer to my question. Any suggestions?
    We understand that we cannot restore those valuable 20 minutes, but our Administrators are readily available answer any of your queries via the Contact Form or

    *Content may be edited, added and/or deleted without prior notice

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