Breathe. Every breath reveals the hollowness of our hearts. The saints and sages of old say that this hollowness, this emptiness, is the yearning for our source, for Truth, for the One. As our breath passes through the emptiness of our hearts, it produces the music of longing. This album echoes with the sound of this longing for the One, for our Centre. This music of longing finds its voice in the acoustic sounds of the kamancheh, guitar, piano, ney (reed flute), and oud, weaving together Eastern and Western modes and tones. Read More...


  01. PEARL 04:23  
  02. FIRE 03:56
  03. GO   03:49
  04. KHORASAN 04:02
  05. PRISM 03:28
  06. CIRCLE 02:53
  07. YOU 03:16
  08. THE CENTRE 03:25
  09. LAMENT 03:53
  10. THE KEY 03:46
  11. JAANEH JAANAAN 03:00
  12. SARI GELIN 03:30
  13. KHORASAN (ARABIC VERSION) [bonus] 03:46

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