When Al Mu'allim was released in 2003 it became, quite literally, an instant HIT in and around the Muslim world spending 12 weeks at the top of the charts in both Egypt and Turkey. With its release, Spiritique (Sami Yusuf's self-coined musical genre) was also founded. Pop singers began implementing and in some cases copying the trend, comfortably incorporating religion and faith into their repertoire – which they would have otherwise never done had it not been for the immense success of Al Mu'allim.

Al Mua'llim2003

  01 . Al Muallim 5:47  
  02 . Who Is The Loved One 5:12  
  03 . The Cave Of Hira 4:52  
  04 . Allahu 6:32  
  05 . The Creator 6:53  
  06 . Meditation 3:10  
  07 . Ya Mustafa 5:41  
  08 . Supplication 4:05  

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