Hear Your Call Sami yusuf pakistan charity single hear your call


An estimated 20 million people have been affected by the floods triggered and sustained by torrential monsoon rains in Pakistan. 1600 lives have been lost. The UN estimates some 3.5 million children are at the risk of contracting infections and/or life-threatening diseases diarrhea, malaria and gastroenteritis. The biggest threat however is that in the wake of Cholera epidemic in the displaced population which would threaten the lives of millions. One case of Cholera has been reported in the Swat valley. Clean water and food supplies are critical to the survival of the affected.

Ongoing rains triggering fresh bouts of floods is not only exacerbating the already debilitated situation but serves to hamper the relief efforts. The swelling Indus River threatens to claim more lives and inflict more damage to the region -- its people, livelihoods, infrastructure -- and, continues to threaten to affect the unaffected regions in the country. This flood and its aftermath has and will continue to slow down the economic wheel of the country which is already dependent on foreign aid.

This is an ongoing watery slaughter as heavy rains continue to flood the Indus River. We need to help save and rebuild lives. We need to act NOW!

  Purchase the charity single "Hear Your Call' where all profits will help Save the Children's relief efforts in Pakistan.


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Hear Your Call Sami yusuf pakistan charity single hear your call
Hear Your Call
Hear Your Call Song Name: "Hear Your Call"
Written and Produced by Sami Yusuf
Urdu Lyrics by "Mehboob"
Published by Resonance Music
Copyright of ETM International 

Hear Your Call
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British singer-songwriter Sami Yusuf, dubbed "Islam's biggest rock star", is donating profits from his latest single to help flood victims in Pakistan.
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