"Hear Your Call"

"Thank you everybody for visiting this page.

I've had the opportunity to share with you all my beliefs and my world view through my Healing song. "Heal and you will be healed. Break every border. Give and you will receive. It's nature's order."

Each one of us cherish a proud moment in our lives. A moment where we gave, not necessarily with the intention to receive but we gave because we thought it was needed, we thought it was the right thing to do. The suffering and painful stories, photos, and footages from the flooded regions of Pakistan, kept me up all night where I was working on releasing a charity single "Hear Your Call". I decided to donate all profits to a UN sponsored charity Save the Children who've been actively and effectively involved in relief efforts.

We cannot remain indifferent to what's turning out to be the biggest emergency on our planet today. The gradual deterioration of the existing conditions puts the lives of millions of Pakistanis at risk, provided that the monsoon season is not even halfway over. Indifference cannot be accepted in face of worsening situations. Donations have to pour in with the belief that they'll reach the needy. After God, only through your help can the victims still hope, and only through your generosity can they dream for a safer future.

Today is the day to heal -- Act now."