Silent Words

Beyond the lines of no man's land
Time stands still
My voice is weak, but far away, I softly speak
In silent words, on folded knees

With silent words we call the night
To bring you sleep & dry your eyes
To bring you dreams & free your minds
When every hope has gone, we hold on
With silent words we'll ask the dawn
To chase your fears when nights are long
A million voices in to one
When every hope has gone
We echo all night through
With silent words we are with you

Where seeds were thrown, and taken far
A desert blooms a world apart
And while their roots are far from home
We whisper words to help them grow

With every tear you cry, we'll comfort you
Standing by your side, as one with you
You can find us, deep in the silence
carried in the soft winds passing through
We'll be your shadow, today and tomorrow
There to follow everything you do

الهي، أدخل السرور
Lord, bring happiness
Illahi adkhil asurroor

ياربِ أسعد القلوب
And bestow joy to the hearts
Wa as3id al-quloob

الهي، خفف الآلام
Lord, alleviate the pain
Illahi khafif al-alaam

من لسوريا سواك؟
For who will save Syria other than You?
Man li-sooriyya siwaak?

من يحيي بسمةَ الحزين؟
Who will restore the smile of the depressed?
Mann yu7yyi basmatal-7azeen?

من يُنسي أنّةَ المسكين؟
Who will soothe (alleviate) the soreness of the poor?
Mann yunsi annatal-miskeen?

من يمسح دمعَ اليتيم؟
Who will wipe the tears of the orphan?
Mann yamsa7 dam3al-yateem?

أبكي بصمتٍ وأنين
Silently, I cry and sigh
Abki bi-ssamtin wa aneen

عن شيخ، شاب، ويتيم
For the old, the young and the orphan
3an shaiyykhin, shaaban wa yateem

عنكِ يا...آه سوريا
For you ... Oh Syria
3anki ya…ah sooriyya


Music by Sami Yusuf
Words by Will Knox
Produced by Sami Yusuf
Recorded and Mixed at

Published by Resonance Music
Copyright of ETM International
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