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Every breath reveals the hollowness of our hearts.

The saints and sages of old say that this hollowness, this emptiness, is the yearning for our source, for Truth, for the One. As our breath passes through the emptiness of our hearts, it produces the music of longing. This album echoes with the sound of this longing for the One, for our Centre. This music of longing finds its voice in the acoustic sounds of the kamancheh, guitar, piano, ney (reed flute), and oud, weaving together Eastern and Western modes and tones. Traditional melodies meet contemporary compositions in songs that testify to our fundamental unity, a sentiment well reflected in the album's diverse use of images, concepts, sounds, and languages. Tying this diversity together is the One for whose presence our hearts unceasingly yearn.

I watch You bloom the birth of spring,
You are the song that all lovers sing.

The songs' lyrics are nostalgic but optimistic, longing for the Centre that is both our beginning and our end. The hollowness is ultimately beautiful because it houses the Centre. From the depths of our being it calls, "Walk to Me, I'll run to you."

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